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Marbled Gift Wrapping Paper- Set of 6

About this product

The small company that hand makes our line of hand-marbled cards, hand-dyed ribbons, and papers is based in Jaipur, India. Working with small teams of master artisans and utilizing centuries-old techniques and natural dyes, these papers are created from 100% cotton

This unique book of artisanal, hand-made wrapping papers is made with 100% recycled cotton.  Inside you will find six individual sheets of full size wrapping paper (23" x 31") Each pattern is produced in small batches by master artisans in Jaipur using decorative techniques passed down for generations. Every book has two sheets of each pattern: 

Pink/Gold Marble (2 sheets) Green/Gold Marble (2 sheets), Pink/White Vertical (2 sheets) 


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